Placing Effective Bets and Getting Most Out of Your Sessions

As we all know that it is in nature of gambling to be risk ridden way of fulfilling your time and

making some money. It can be addictive way to watch sports and get thrills while betting.

But most of the time the main question is how to be better at it and not lose money.

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All in all from the betters perspective it is all about finding the right value for money, finding the

right market and the best time to put your bet on.

Here are some points to keep in mind while betting.


1. Knowing about the Sports inside Out: Well this is the most important point in betting to keep in mind of. If you are betting on a sports you should know about it inside out and each and every aspect of the game. Like knowing about the players and their weakness andstrengths. How did they play in recent matches and what is their overall performance.


These are the kind of details which may become a deciding factor in your loss or win.


2. It isn’t necessary that favourites always win: it always very difficult for punters to ignore


the prices given by bookies sometimes the higher price may not be such a bad idea.



The thing to keep in mind though is to look ad the previous records of the player or team to be placed bet on.


3. Revolve your bookers don't stick to s single one: Betting business is a very competitive

sector and companies might try to lure you into choosing only them but don’ just stick to

single one and shop around. If you are In country where betting is legal you can hit various

on-line and off-line services to search for best priced bookers ex:

You should look around and research into them before blindly following them.

Your research should tell you who is offering the best price and which one is going to suit your needs for the respective match.


4. The lower selection the better: If you are thinking of making some money then don’t go

big place small bets it reduces the risk and gives you a chance to expand your selection.

Make multiple selections this improves your chance of winning but keep them limited.


5. Avoiding The temptation of odds: Following through a temptation always ruins the bets so

do not follow through it and place the bet on some random team on a long shot bet. Its very

important to know your sports and prior research helps a lot. Following temptation results in

decrease of your chances of winning for some extra cash.


6. Researching and considering less obvious markets: well although the betting market is

very big but if want to be better at it you should consider smaller markets and less known

markets after some research you may find some good prices in them. It is arguable the way

for the bookies to make betters lose more money but it can be your gain if you have done

some prior research.


7. Don’t better with your heart: Well this is the most important point to keep in mind that

punters often forget is not to bet through heart rather follow logic and mind. Of course it has

been reminded to research before betting remember know your sports. Punters who are fans

often forget this point and ends up loosing and bookies love it because each game they rake

a lot from these punters.


Now always remember to only bet what you can afford to loose and stop when the fun stops, never

ever chase a loss it makes your rationality suffer and tempts you to make choices that ends up in